The shammies & Smart pen


Smart pen is a pen like tool for reading books and cards. This is a fun way how to obtain interactively basic skills and knowledge.

Who are Shammies?

Four little and curious creatures who know how to play, but many exciting things are still to be discovered and learned. Luckily dear wise Mr. Cat is always around to help and guide them.

Estonian publisher Digital Learning Systems OÜ and specialized children’s book publishing house Liels un mazs SIA in Latvia have started to jointly develop a book series with characters of Shammies. Developed books can be read with Smart Pen.

Project is supported By:

The Estonian-Lativan cooperation program that is one of the 60 cross-border cooperation programmes operating along EU internal borders. The programme is funded under the goal of the European Territorial Cooperation, better known as Interreg.


The project is triggered by lack of advanced and
effective learning tools for early childhood education that would:
  • motivate the children,
  • be acceptable for the parents and
  • could be used for general pre-school education support

innovative way of delivering education

Jointly developed books are not traditional books, but interactive in way that pictures are talking, asking questions and singing. Books are made interactive with device called Smart Pen. Touching the pictures or text with special pen makes ordinary books alive and more interesting. This is an innovative way of delivering education, being fun for the children and encourage the use of digital media, but without increasing the time the children spend behind electronic screens.
These books are developed for educational purposes. In order to have high quality educational experts from University of Tartu and University of Latvia. Universities will ensure the highest quality of modern framework of educational methodologies, but this do not mean that the books will be boring. Quite opposite, fun characters of Shammies are interesting, learning from their own experience and while playing.

Learning must be fun!

Objectives of the project

                 To jointly develop and do pre-marketing activities for interactive audio-learning materials for children that:

  • Apply advanced learning methodology and increase the effectiveness of learning,
  • bring more children to participate in education and create a habit of reading books,
  • provide a positive, safe and encouraging learning environment,
  • are usable by the children alone and together with adults,
  • help to integrate foreign language speaking children in Estonia and Latvia.


6 educational books to support early childhood education

Partners of the project: 

  • Digital Learning Systems LLC
  • Liels un mazs SIA
  • University of Latvia
  • University of Tartu

Project name  “How the Shammies learned” (Est-Lat43) started on 1. February 2017 and continues by  31. Jan 2019. Total planned budget is € 445 449.03 (ERDF contribution: € 370 725.41).

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